Speaker Resources

Spirit of NSA Day Recordings

CSP Aldonna Ambler Attracting Corporate Sponsors

CSP Anita Jacobs Break The Sound Barrier

CSP Mike Schatzki-No Sweat Couch Potato Recovery Program

CSP Ron Karr Closing Big and Long Term Deals

Eddy Mayen How I Connected With NSA and Found The Path To The Cash

Greg Williams How To Read Body Language When Negotiating and Why You Should Care

Natalie Gahrmann Reduce Your Stress To Increase Your Productivity

Pat Bohse Public Speaking Made Easy For Non-Profits2

Pat Iyer Eliminating Workplace Bullying

Ron Shuali Mind & Body Fitness For The 21st Centrury Child

Sandy Levine Pitching Your Story To The Media

Stephanie Scotti Rehearsing Your Way To Success

Tommy Hilcken Happiness is Inside



E-Books and Speeches

Negotiation (E-Book)
The Art of Getting What You Want

By Mike Schatzki, MPA, CSP



Using &”Glance & Grab” to Perk Up Your PowerPoint
(Word Document)
By Stephanie M. Scotti

How to enjoy being set up
The importance of a proper introduction.
By Stephanie M. Scotti

Fill Your Pipeline in December
Why late December is a great time of year to reach Decision Makers

By Caryn Kopp

NSA-NJ Vendor Resources

Vendor recommendations from NSA-NJ Members

NSA-NJ Candidates Program

NSA-NJ Candidate Program participants

ARM Yourself and Knockout Stage Fright for Good

By Stephanie M. Scotti


Equipment to Record Your Next Speech
By Alex S. Brown, PMP IPMA-C


PowerPoint Tips

Compiled by Pat Iyer

What is LinkedIn?

By Pat Iyer


Negotiating in Tough Economic Times: Strategies & Techniques to Get More Gigs & Higher Fees

(presented at NSA National Convention)
By Greg Williams

Dan Kennedy at NSA-NJ June 11, 2009 Meeting
The Business of Speaking
Digital recording in .wma format (54,780KB) to play on line or download.

Patricia Fripp at NSA-NJ Sept. 17, 2009 Meeting

Taking Your Presentation to the Next Level

Digital recording in .wma format to play on line or download

File #1

File #2

File #3


A Tall Tale About a Small Whale

By David Steel

The Steel Method

Download this 97-page illustrated book demonstrating what can happen when an All Star salesperson is introduced into an unprepared organization.

Enrichment Programs
Yogarate™, Karate, Fitness, Soccer, Yoga, Super Sports

Assembly Programs
Breaking the Bully Circle, Fun Fitness, Outsmart the Stranger

Professional Development Workshops
FIT for Physical Educators, Bringing Respect Back To Schools,
Bullying 101
Presented at NJEA

by Ron Shuali SHUA
LIFE SKILLS Mind & Body Fitness for the 21st Century Child


Sample Forms and Templates

Template for Capturing Meeting Notes
Compiled by Aldonna Ambler




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